I’m Melanie Shmois, Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach, therapist, mother, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. I coach people who want something more out of their lives. My clients workout a lot and know how to take care of their bodies, but they still feel stressed, overwhelmed, and not as happy as they would like. They want more–more fulfilling relationships and more control over their emotions.

As a long-time therapist and someone who’d been at her goal weight for a while after a long battle with overeating, I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be. I was easily overwhelmed and stressed-out by all the demands that I was facing, so I took a chance and hired a coach. The tools she taught me changed my life by transforming how I thought about my stressors. This transformation led me to become a coach myself, and I found a calling to share these tools with others.


Our brain is the most important tool we have, and we wouldn’t sell it to anyone for any amount of money, yet so few of us spend any time training it. When you know how to train your mind, you can get the results you want in your life.        


Does any of this sound familiar? If so, perhaps you’d like to work with me to find the missing link through thought coaching, which will help you feel less irritable, overwhelmed, and stressed-out. The mental strength you’ll gain during coaching will compliment the physical strength you already possess and take you to new levels of achievement and happiness.

I believe your mental health and emotional wellbeing is the most important thing in life. Investing in yourself through coaching is the gift that keeps on giving. What could be better than feeling better and having the ability to coach yourself for the rest of your life?


Let’s train your mind as hard as you train your body to feel better and get more out of life!

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Professional Bio:

Melanie Shmois has almost 20 years of experience in helping people reach their mental and personal goals. She is a licensed social worker and holds a Master’s Degree (MSSA) from Case Western Reserve University and a B.A.in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. She was certified in Life & Weight Coaching through the Life Coach School with Master Coach Instructor Brooke Castillo. Melanie worked at the Veteran’s Hospital for 6 years on an inpatient psychiatric unit before going into private practice for the past 17 years. She found her passion in Life & Weight Coaching and is now a full-time coach and owner of Mind Your Strength Coaching, LLC. Melanie loves her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and two Boston terriers. You can find her at many local workout studios that support both physical and mental health.

Bonus Fun Facts:

  • Once walked over hot coals with Tony Robbins!
  • Obsessed with anchors! Even has an anchor tattoo.
  • Watches live life-coaching videos constantly–even in the tub!



If you’re considering coaching but have some questions or concerns, I invite you to a complimentary 30-minute session. During this time, we will discuss how coaching can address your specific needs, and it will also give you one direct skill you can use right away to start feeling better.


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