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melanie-aboutHi. I’m Melanie, and I’m a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, licensed therapist, blogger and mom. I believe that a fulfilling life is a lot like moving your body. It takes focus, routine and above all—a willingness to make it a non-negotiable practice.

I’ve spent years building my fitness and nutrition routine, only to feel when I got ‘there,’ I wasn’t totally fulfilled.

It wasn’t until I realized that the habits, thoughts and goal-setting required to reach my fitness goals was the place where the magic happened.

What was I thinking that got me out of bed consistently? What did I feel like when I was in the gym or on the trail?

That’s when I realized it wasn’t what I looked like on the outside that brought me joy and that feeling great had nothing to do with the physical ideals I was working towards. Instead, my personal joy came from the consistent effort I made to take myself from GOOD to GREAT on the inside and that my thoughts influenced my feelings more than anything.

Mind Your Strength is a Life Coaching Practice dedicated to connecting the mind to the body, the body to the mind, to love the journey as much as the result. I work with clients who have seen the positive results in their own lives from their own yoga or fitness programs, but who are looking for more. More joy. More depth. More happiness.

They understand that it starts with answering the question, ‘Why?” And that makes all the difference. It sounds easy, and it is. As long as you practice it daily and really believe your why.

Are you ready to go from Good to Great?




If you’re considering coaching but have some questions or concerns, I invite you to a complimentary 30 minute mini session. During this time, we will discuss how coaching can address your specific needs. This mini session will also give you one direct skill that you can use right away to start feeling better.


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