Kim Hansen Mason talks about her experience working with Melanie



“Working with Melanie Shmois on a physical/emotional condition that I would like to improve was very helpful.  Through easygoing phone conversations, some challenging questions, a variety of books and workbooks, and lots of great email follow-ups, I learned how to identify the feelings in my body and the often irrational thoughts that were creating them.  While I can’t prevent all the negative thoughts, I’m now much more aware of them and can use a few strategies to minimize their impact.  I’ve learned to catch my worries as they occur, observe them, and realize they are not helpful to me, which takes most of their power away.  I’ve learned to be more mindful, and stay focused on the present – worrying about the future just isn’t helpful!  I’ve learned to treat my body with more kindness and less frustration, and to be much more accepting in dealing with my current condition. I’m not giving up my efforts to improve, but am accepting where I am today, and I am making progress! Thank you.”

By Tim A. 5/15/17



“I’m so inspired by you. I remember seeing your card hanging on a cork board, and it pulled me in. The rest is art!

You were able to give me precious eyes to see my value and mental strength to think differently. These were the last 2 of my desired needs before jumping off into the unknown. You were there for me during one of the most frightening of moves. Coming out. You handled me perfectly and I am forever appreciative of your value and worth. You, Melanie, are a gift I will cherish and share. You’re apart of my life, and apart of my story. Thank you for being exactly the way you are.”
By Michele Y.


“Melanie’s coaching has made a big difference in my life. She has helped me work my way through many work, family, and personal issues. I never thought I would pay for coaching. I felt I could coach myself by reading self help books and articles. But asking Melanie for help made a huge difference. She pointed things out I didn’t notice I was doing.

Melanie has a great way of looking at things, asking the right questions and giving sensible advice. Her whole philosophy of our own thoughts leading to our own choice of actions and that we control ourselves has taught me so much. I still have a lot of practicing to do, but I can now catch my thoughts before they lead to negative feelings or negative actions. A bonus is Melanie’s voice is very calming and reassuring. Thank you for your help Melanie!!”

By Kelly D.


“Thank you Melanie, our sessions really made a huge difference in the way I see myself  and the big relationships in my life. You asked all the right questions and pushed me outside my comfort zone. I can’t thank you enough!!”

By Heather M.


All good coaches need a coach and luckily I have Melanie Shmois as my personal coach. Her listening skills are amazing and she picks up on things that I don’t even notice I may have issues with. She gets to the core of the issue without making me feel like I’m a suspect in a murder case. One of the things I am so grateful for is Melanie helping get me back in shape and wanting to be healthy again. I fell off my hardcore cross-fit routine after vacation and the life of drinks by the pool turned into drinks on the couch with no energy to exercise. The new routine I had stuck to me in more ways than just my thighs and creeped into my life manifesting itself into not only my health but my business, my family life and my self-care. She assisted me to identify the thoughts that were causing my self-sabotage. I’m back on track and living my life the way I want to live it (like a ROCKSTAR)!”

By Susan Ramos


Before I started working with Melanie I never imagined I would be able to have a healthy relationship with food. I have struggled with binge eating and depression/anxiety for a long time. She has helped me recognize things that years of therapy have never been able to uncover in just a few short weeks, and I feel more powerful/capable than ever. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and get uncomfortable has been an imperative part of our work. Melanie creates a safe, non-threatening space to explore and feel everything. Focusing on how I have used food as a coping mechanism versus directly focusing on trauma I’ve experienced has helped me to better understand both. I finally am starting to view myself as a survivor instead of a victim. Thank you Melanie!

By Kara S.


Over the years I have worked with therapists from different backgrounds but I have found that sometimes, the challenges that life was presenting required a more hand ons and at the same time “thought” oriented approach (not so much dwelling and analyzing the past). Melanie Shmois really helped me in a very short time (each situation might be different) to take back control of my life and my thought process, to take action while living at peace with the present moment and assuming responsibility for how I feel. I absolutely recommend her services while I am looking forward to work with her again in the future.

By Margherita


I didn’t even realize I had thoughts and beliefs that were so negative until I started thought coaching. I made a long list of those thoughts and then I wrote alternative thoughts or beliefs to prove those false thoughts were crap. In my mind it’s like a sword fight between thoughts that SERVE ME vs. thoughts that DON’T serve me. From time to time, I still have thoughts that don’t serve me or help me reach my goals, but thought coaching with Melanie Shmois taught me how to combat those thoughts and be in charge of them instead of them being in charge of me. Within six sessions I had identified so many issues (false belief systems) that were setting me back by encouraging self-sabotage. Once I identified the false beliefs that got in the way, I was able to assess their validity or lack thereof, and talk myself through the temptations I faced.

By Kim H.





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